For almost twenty years I've been directing and writing for film and TV. I've made short films, music videos, documentaries and drama. I've worked for many different production companies as a freelance director, even ran my own company - Ten Pence Ltd. - and enjoyed it all. 

I made my first film when I was studying graphic design in Camberwell College of Arts. It featured members of a poetry club called 'Keith's Dad', of which I was a member, dancing, ironing and wielding random objects. A few films later, I was spat out into the world and miraculously landed a job in Puerto Rico, writing and co-directing a documentary on photographer Jack Delano for the Smithsonian. From there, I began making music videos, working with bands such as Super Furry Animals, DJ Yoda and Aspects. I continued to develop my own ideas, making short films through Ten Pence Ltd, writing longer scripts and making up odd jingles on my guitar (for no apparent reason). I went on to direct documentaries and factual entertainment programmes for BBC and ITV, and later drama series for BBC and S4C. 

Now things are getting interesting.

I've always been into a lot of things, from drawing comics to playing guitar, acting to writing and even Karate. For years I've been searching for a way to harness these interests through my work. The simple answer is story. As well as working as  freelance director,  I develop stories that will become either films, TV series, webisodes, books and even musical odysseys (steady on, now).

I love collaborating with other writers, producers and commissioners, bringing these stories to life in whatever form that seems appropriate. I've won a few awards along the way, but there's no need to brag, is there?

Let me know if you'd like to see more. Thanks for watching.